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The ultimate no-code, no-design builder that empowers you to effortlessly create and monetize your courses and programs, all within a branded web and mobile app. You have full control over your revenue streams, making it simple to turn your expertise into a profitable business.

Apps made simple for entrepreneurs  

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Go to market faster without the learning curve.

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Empower Your Impact with Briklo

Briklo’s no-code no-design builder lets you create courses, workout programs and challenges, nutritional plans and more!

Responsive Design

Optimized for a consistent experience across devices

Custom Branding

Fully branded for your business

No Experience Needed

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App Store Ready

No technical skills necessary

Launch on the web or in mobile app stores

Trusted  By Solopreneurs





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Video Call with Sign Language

Whether you teach science or you're a life coach, build your own courses with all the tools you need to succeed.


What You Can Build. . .

Briklo’s no-code no-design builder lets you create courses, workout programs and challenges, nutritional plans and more!



Health Challenge or


This space is all about fitness and nutrition. Create workouts, recipes, and even programs and challenges for your clients.

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Local Business Partners


Client Reviews

Briklo App review Omari Brown

Omari Brown

Owner of GoalGetterFit

"This platform allows me to navigate clients into a healthier lifestyle whether it's customized for 1 client or scaling my business with a subscription base. Most importantly this is my own app, my logo and my business!"

Briklo App review Ashley Molina
Owner Of Mindful Manna

Ashley Molina

"Building with Briklo has proved to be incredibly exciting. The simplicity, intuitiveness, and incredible options for creating content have created such an expectancy in me for the future of my business. I can’t wait to see what unfolds next."

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