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Letter from the founders.

Hello and thank you for being here, 

Briklo is a women, LGBTQ and minority owned startup. Yes we know, we check all the boxes. Bitch.


We understand the barriers to digital innovation are daunting, only 2% of funding is given to women and minority entrepreneurs. We have a HUGE soft spot for women and minority owned businesses and nonprofit organizations, but we are here to serve the needs of everyone.


People's ideas matter and deserve to be tested and validated without requiring thousands or millions in funding. Briklo empowers business owners and creatives to reach and engage with their customers and learn from each other.

We've both been in product for 7 years and have experienced the challenges in delivering innovation. We see how many companies struggle just to get an MVP (minimal viable product) launched due to lack of strategy. This journey has helped us validate that we mastered how to efficiently launch a scalable and usable product that empowers our customers, and their customers.


We are so thankful for this blessed opportunity and hope we can give back the same abundance of support to those in need. 


All the love and light,

B & M 



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